Sneeze Guard Shield Retractable/Roll up Freestanding + Economic Base

Sneeze Guard Shield Retractable/Roll up Freestanding + Economic Base


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Sneeze Guard Screen Retractable/Roll up Freestanding + Deluxe Base


Sneeze Guard Shield Screen Wall Adjustable & Portable

Sneeze Guard Shield Retractable/Roll up Freestanding + Economic Base

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No tools required, simply pull up the retractable clear screen, lock in place with the support pole and it's ready to go with our standard base sneeze guard with roll up clear vinyl sheet. Ensuring safe distancing within every facility, business space, retail store, or workspace is imperative to stop the spread of COVID-19 any further. This floor standing sneeze guard will not just assist you in creating separate spaces for your customers, clients, visitors, staff, etc., but it will also add a contemporary touch of style to it. The clear panels and white stand as a whole offer a minimally designed yet modern safety barrier that can easily fit into any space. Be it your office workstations, salon chairs, restaurant tables, or billing counters- just place these shields in-between any two objects to create a physical barrier between them.

This clear vinyl is easy to clean and disinfect. Remove ordinary dirt and smudges with a mild soap and water solution and a clean soft cloth or towel. Dry with a soft lint-free cloth or towel. For more difficult stains, continue to the special cleaning instructions below. Do not use abrasive powder, steel wool, or industrial strength or solvent cleaners. Come across as a responsible office, business space, food outlet, or workspace, which in turn convinces your visitors and prospective customers to spend time and money on your products and services.These sneeze shields are beneficial in many ways to you and your business, regardless of what you sell or offer. So, wait no more, and order these protective floor standing shields now. We typically offer 31.5x79 and 33.5x79 inches sizes, and welcome bulk orders, please contact us for quantity-based discounts.

Application Scenarios:

Retail Store, Gym, Shopping Centers, Billing Counters, Offices, Hospitals, Reception Areas, Waiting Rooms Etc.

Standard Kit Includes:

1pc Retractable Aluminum Frame with Economic Base

1pc 450 GSM/0.3mm Clear Vinyl Roll-up Film

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