Sneeze Guard Shield Screen Wall Adjustable & Portable

Sneeze Guard Shield Screen Wall Adjustable & Portable


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Sneeze Guard Shield Retractable/Roll up Freestanding + Economic Base


Sneeze Guard Wall Clear Protective Barrier Floor Standing

Sneeze Guard Shield Screen Wall Adjustable & Portable

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Use portable sneeze guard walls to help protect workers and customers in stores, newsstands, schools, post offices, pharmacies, and other retail environments. With the help of advanced heavy-duty sneeze guards, the work area facing customers and employees is transformed into a safe environment. We offer a variety of options to meet almost all needs! They are ideal for customer service while preventing splashes and sprays. Help people maintain social distance, easy to assemble and disinfect.

The sneeze guard kit includes adjustable buckle tube aluminum frame and 0.3mm soft PVC clear vinyl 450 GSM (+/- 10 GSM). The clear panel comes with top and bottom pole pockets to fix it on the stand. These multifunctional devices are very easy to set up. Sneezing guards prevent the spread of sneezing droplets, and effectively maintain a distance to ensure personal safety for work and life. The sneeze guard can be used at any event, retail store, restaurant, gym, etc. They are ideal choices. You can not only guarantee that employees and customers can conduct business in a safe environment, but also leave a deep brand impression on customers. The best sneeze guard solution with Signwin's available different sizes of options. High-quality bracket and PVC transparent board, stylish appearance, fast turnover, order now!

Application Scenarios:

Retail Store, Gym, Shopping Centers, Billing Counters, Offices, Hospitals, Reception Areas, Waiting Rooms Etc.

Standard Kit Includes:

1pc Adjustable Buckle Tube Aluminum Frame

1pc 0.3mm Soft PVC Clear Vinyl 450 GSM (+/- 10 GSM)

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