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I highly recommend Signwin. Amazing quality product and service! Very fast and nice love it.

By Clachas Beavin

When living and working more safely during COVID-19, the sneeze shield becomes very important. As the urgency of social distancing continues, companies that rely on offline sales and physical store transactions are facing severe challenges. If the traffic is too crowded, ignore the risk of the spread of the social distancing virus. However, closing a business may lose its economic viability. Providing basic business shows that they need to ensure their own safety while providing services to the public.

Regardless of whether your business is essential, or current or future operations, public health parameters will play a non-negligible role in daily business operations, so Signwin can help. Our sneeze guard walls can deal with health crises, allowing you and your employees to maintain safety and infection control in the work environment while continuing to provide customers with the best quality service.

A sneeze shield is a solution. We offer adjustable sneeze guard wall. The set consists of an opaque white 3mm PVC & adjustable rigid aluminum tube brackets. The sneeze guard is durable. Easy to wipe with disinfectant spray.

The multiple ways employees interact with customers require multiple ways to reduce air contact. The multiple panels of the sneeze shield increase flexibility and can play a defensive role.