Custom 8ft Curved & Banner Fabric Pop Up Trade Show Backwall Display (Frame + Graphic)

Custom 8ft Curved & Banner Fabric Pop Up Trade Show Backwall Display (Frame + Graphic)


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Custom 6ft Curved Tabletop Tension Fabric Trade Show Backwall Display (Frame + Graphic)


Custom 8ft Curved & Eye-Catching Tension Fabric Trade Show Booth Backwall Display with Durable Case to Podium (Frame + Graphic)

Custom 8ft Curved & Banner Fabric Pop Up Trade Show Backwall Display (Frame + Graphic)

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Need graphic only? Select Single-Sided but No Aluminum Frame.
Need frame only? Select Include Aluminum Frame but No Fabric Graphic.

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Designed with collapsible, lightweight and economic features, Signwin 8ft curved pop up backwall display introduces advanced technology on seamless full color graphic and lightweight pop up aluminum frame. Once you pull out and set up the pop up aluminum frame within minutes, you just need to adhere the wrinkle free fabric graphic to the frame via velcro. Then your amazing display stands out!

Moreover, we offer optional upgrades with 2 pcs LED lights, which should engage more visitors to your events. To better express your business image, we utilize 100% polyester straight grain fabric, which is washable, wrinkle free, inflaming retarding and eco-friendly. Furthermore, the fabric graphic extends to the edge with end cap, and this should make your display look perfect. A curved shape aluminum pop up frame can help you get the most out of your booth space because the shape gives you the opportunity to add an eye-catching message at each end of the display.


Indoor & Outdoor Advertising, Shows, Exhibitions, Events, Fairs, Promotions, Weddings, Parties, Photo Booths, Press Conferences, Seminars, Stages, Concerts etc.

Signwin 10ft Curved & Fabric Pop Up Backwall Display PB-A-02 Advantage


Standard Kit Includes:

1pc 8ft Curved & Collapsible Aluminum Pop Up Frame

1pc Heat Transfer Printing Velcro Tension Fabric Graphic

1pc Zippered Oxford Duffel Bag

Optional Upgrades:

2pcs Trade Show Display LED Lights


Display Size: W105” x H91” x D12” Inches

Graphic Size: W137” x H90” Inches

Packing Size: W11”x H37” x D15” inches

Fabric Graphic Material:

8.8 oz. 100% Polyester Fabric

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