15ft Custom Teardrop Flag Fabric Printing with Ground Stake

15ft Custom Teardrop Flag Fabric Printing with Ground Stake


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13ft WELCOME Stock Blade Flag with Ground Stake 04


15ft Teardrop Flag with Cross Base & Water Bag

15ft Custom Teardrop Flag Fabric Printing with Ground Stake

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Need graphic only? Select Single-Sided or Double-Sided but No Pole + Base.
Need frame only? Select Include Pole + Base but No Fabric Graphic.

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Interested in promoting your business with advertising flags? You come to the right place here! Signwin 15ft teardrop flag with ground stake utilizes pure aluminum tube combined with fiber glass to make the flag pole and high resolution double see through fabric for graphic. Besides the single-sided graphic print, the double-sided graphic print is available to ensure your business texts and logos can be seen from either side.

It surpasses traditional banner stands when your first and foremost goal is to be seen and to attract your prospects. A 15ft size of this teardrop flag allows you to showcase larger designs, larger logos and larger text that can be seen from across commercial parking lots and fairgrounds. This model features your graphic with weather-resilient & heat transfer printing for clarity, brilliance and longevity. As always, we develop this model based on easy-to-assemble and easy-to-carry purpose, so you will find it’s quite lightweight and portable.


Indoor & Outdoor Advertising, Auto 4S Stores, Beaches, Competitions, Festivals, Shows, Exhibitions, Events, Fairs, Promotions, Weddings, Parties, Press Conferences, Seminars, Banks, Stores, Markets, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Auto Shows etc.


Standard Kit Includes:

1pc 15ft (After Assembled) Collapsible Aluminum & Fiber Glass Pole

1pc Heat Transfer Printing Double See Through Fabric Graphic

1pc Ground Stake

1pc Zippered Oxford Duffel Bag


Display Size: H173” Inches

Graphic Size: W55” x H143” Inches

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