Straight Top Tension Fabric Banner Stand with Arm Shelves

Straight Top Tension Fabric Banner Stand with Arm Shelves


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Straight Top Tension Fabric Banner Stand


Stylish Monitor/TV, iPad, Tablet & Literature Banner Stand

Straight Top Tension Fabric Banner Stand with Arm Shelves

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Signwin provides an extraordinary, durable and affordable banner stand with arm shelves to promote your business around events. This model consists of pure aluminum tube frame, fabric graphic and plexiglass shelves. The sturdy aluminum tube is easy to assemble and dismantle, along with zippered pillow case fabric graphic, which is easy to slip into the frame and fitting tightly within minutes.

Unlike traditional banner stand with a pole only, which looks dull, Signwin straight top tension fabric banner stand involves attractive graphic with your logo and business messages printed on double sides which should have a great exposure to your niche. This model is quite popular and applied in stores, markets, banks,hotels, restaurants, events and any other places that you’re desired to enhance your business. The additional LED lights will make your business messages even more eye-catching.


Indoor & Outdoor Advertising, Shows, Exhibitions, Events, Fairs, Promotions, Weddings, Parties, Photo Booths, Press Conferences, Seminars, Banks, Stores, Markets, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Auto Shows etc.





Standard Kit Includes:

1pc Stylish & Collapsible Aluminum Snap-Tube Frame

1pc Zippered Heat Transfer Printing Healthy Fabric Graphic

2pcs Dismountable Plexiglass Shelves

1pc Zippered Oxford Duffel Bag


Display Size: W34” x H79” x D24” Inches

Graphic Size: W34” x H82” Inches

Packing Size: W5” x H17” x D25” Inches

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