Oval Display Counter with High Resolution Printing

Oval Display Counter with High Resolution Printing


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Monitor Display Table Banner Stand


Oval Display Tower Counter with Colorful Design

Oval Display Counter with High Resolution Printing

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Signwin Oval Display Counter with High Resolution Printing is a lightweight, compact and professional looking counter. Ideal for trade shows, exhibitions, presentations, product demos or retail displays. Constructed of high-quality MDF and aluminum poles, wrapped tightly with our premium quality tension fabric material, printed in full color heat transfer that creats explosive vibrant colors to enhance your marketing message. At Signwin Trade Show Display Counter is available in 3 attractive styles (oval, trapezoid and rectangular).

Fabric graphics printed with your branding or message can then be added using a silicone edged grip system for simple, tool free installation and perfect tensioning which gives the counter an elegant, fluted shape as well as excellent strength and stability. Perfect for exhibitions and retail spaces, dismantles easily and is stowed in a compact carry bag for easy transportation. Signwin Oval Display Counter is exactly what you need for your next tradeshow or event.


Indoor & Outdoor Advertising, Shows, Exhibitions, Events, Fairs, Promotions, Weddings, Parties, Photo Booths, Press Conferences, Seminars, Banks, Stores, Markets, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Auto Shows etc.






Standard Kit Includes:

1pc Collapsible Aluminum Snap-Tube Frame

1pc Zippered Heat Transfer Printing Fabric Graphic

2pcs Medium Density Fiberboards

1pc Zippered Oxford Duffel Bag


Display Size: W24” x H35” x D16” Inches

Graphic Size: W59” x H37” Inches

Packing Size: W5”x H17” x D25” Inches

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