Signwin Display offers the most delicate pop-up canopies for festivals, fairs, celebrations, conferences, and marriages. You may buy our customized printed tents in several sizes. You may select these sizes according to your company's promotional needs. We have covered for you whether you need something small to facilitate a meeting in a small space or a large tent.


We are the perfect choice to create an outstanding presentation for a trade show or exhibition. You may pick from various accessories, including banners, individual flags, markers, and walls, to give your company optimum exposure.


It's straightforward to set up your pop-up tent.

Even if you can set up your tent with one person, it can be done in minutes. No tools are required for our unique pop-up tents, and they can be flattened and folded for easy transport. Our closed-canopy folding tent is a one-person solution for your show needs.

Scratch and UV-Resistant Custom Canopy

All Signwin Display is resistant to UV rays and are water-resistant. Individuals and advertising goods are protected from the elements, even during severe rain. To accommodate the high temperatures experienced inside and outside our canopy tents during culinary events, the towels are designed to resist extreme heat both inside and outside.

Custom Canopy for Events

We provide a wide variety of modifications for our pop-up canopy tents. You may enhance visibility by purchasing accessories and hardware from Signwin Display. This provides you with additional space for your branding projects. Select the appropriate tent with a meteorologically resistant high-quality framework.

Customized Tents for Every Event

Our Custom Canopy Tent may be utilized for marketing and events both inside and outdoors. They are lightweight and highly portable so that you can take them anywhere you want.

• New and used vehicle

• New and used vehicle dealers

• Sporting clubs and organizations

• Auto repair firms

• Catering companies

• radio stations

• Travel agencies

• cell phone companies

• military recruits.


For outdoor family meals or gatherings, you may also have a custom canopy. They offer beautiful places for you to relax, dine and enjoy your loved ones in the company.

Maintain Canopy tents

Keeping our bespoke canopy tents is very simple. You should remove the cloth and put it in your case to preserve it. This keeps it secure and free from dust until your next promotion. We utilize wrinkle-free fabric so it will be ready to use as you unfold the cloth. If you need to clean the dust off the canopy, use a moist tissue.

Custom Design Service from

It is essential to have a pop-up tent with a logo to impact trade fair visitors. Many displays seem identical. Therefore you have to distinguish yourself. We have designers that can produce unique works of art that represent your brand or product.


Tent Graphic Replacement for Tents with Custom Printed Graphics

You may be looking for some new graphics to use on your existing customized pop-up tents. We've taken care of you. We provide high-quality replacement of customized tent graphics to our customers. Depending on your needs, you may customize the graphics and even get several pictures for use in other promotional events.



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