Poster Holder Display Print Stand for Notice & Warning 01

Poster Holder Display Print Stand for Notice & Warning 01


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Poster Graphic Print Floor Stand for Promotion Advertising 02


Poster Holder Display Print Stand for Notice & Warning 02

Poster Holder Display Print Stand for Notice & Warning 01

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Floor standing poster stand with “We’re Open” graphic print accommodates a 22" x 28" drop-in rigid graphic and stands 60" tall. The sign holder is perfect for bank lobbies, busy store entrances, and corporate entrance halls. It provides customers with a reminder of reopening or your retail store has weekly specials and promotes that we are open to increase customer traffic. Our direct printed double-sided PVC graphics easily fall into the frame for quick display. The signage displays sold are designed to slide in, allowing quick and simple graphic changes. Just slide the printed poster through the top channel. The poster rack includes a black rectangular base, 1/8" thick double-sided PVC graphic printing, and the top card slot design facilitates quick loading of the graphic. Signwin's poster stand displays have lots of custom graphic options. So merchants and advertisers can maximize the effectiveness of promotional activities. With any of these beautiful poster stands on signwindisplay today, so you can increase the efficiency of your brand marketing campaigns.

Signwin offers design services and allows you to upload your graphic template to get printed. High quality, cheap and quick turnover of the poster holder makes it be one of the best-selling products. Signwin's epidemic prevention poster stand is your best visual cue solution for washing your hands and preventing the spread of bacteria. In addition, if you want to increase revenue, you must display posters promoting new services, products, seasonal promotions, special events, or any other promotional activities. Another way to improve advertising effectiveness is to follow a consistent design and plan. Our promotional and notification poster stands can expand your marketing reach. Let us choose from a large number of options to help point the way!

Application Scenarios:

Indoor & Outdoor Advertising, Shows, Exhibitions, Events, Fairs, Promotions, Weddings, Parties, Photo Booths, Press Conferences, Seminars, Stages, Concerts etc.

Standard Kit Includes:

1pc Heavy-Duty Matte Black Frame for Notice & Warning Poster Holder Display Stand

1pc 1/8” Thick Double-Sided PVC Graphic Printing for Notice & Warning Poster Holder Display Stand

Graphic Print Material:

1/8" Thick Double-Sided PVC Graphic Printing

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